For this second challenge, we were asked to make an exact reproduction of an app that we were familiar with and create the mid-fi wireframes with Figma. The goal was to create a wireframe version of the chosen app’s user flow based on screenshots or high-fidelity prototype screens of such app.

I chose Airbnb, as I used to use it a lot, and its one of my favourite apps, one of the ones I enjoy the most using it, and one of the most user-friendly. I love to travel, and this allows me to find resources efficiently and effectively. I have always been super happy with the app’s service and the usability of it. To proceed with the mid-fi wireframe creation, I used the Ironhack wireframe kit that we were provided with, to make it the most similar design to the real app.

I also created an Interaction Prototype by Figma

“Learning by Doing!” the primary mode for this challenge. It worked to learn the Figma app’s essential tools, and it created so much curiosity within me to keep practising within this great app. I can’t say it was not challenging, especially to identify and understand some of the new Figma concepts, such as Frame, layers and objects; but it was super worth it. I feel more confident with the app now and motivated to go through more challenges, more effectively and confidently.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. — Pablo Picasso.

Eco traveller, consciously living. Passion for design, innovation & sustainability. Vegan. UX designer in process!